Superseded Products

Please find a list of recently superseded products shown below along with available alternatives.

For information about superseded products, please check out our SID database: and search by product name.

Superseded Product Alternative
 MC2+   Discontinued
 FiberTEK FDX (33-990-FA04)   FiberTEK III (R164007)
 FiberTEK FDX (33-990-FA03)   FiberTEK III (R164006)
 FiberTEK FDX (33-990-FA01)   FiberTEK III (R164005)
 LanTEK II (33-993)   LanTEK III (R164002/R161004)
 LanTEK II (33-992)   LanTEK III (R164001/R161003)
 LanTEK II (33-991)   Discontinued
 NaviTEK II Pro (R151002)   NaviTEK NT Pro (R151004)
 NaviTEK II Plus (R151000)   NaviTEK NT Plus (R151003)
 NaviTEK II (R153000)   NaviTEK NT (R153001)
 SignalTEK II (R156000)   SignalTEK NT (R156003)
 SignalTEK II FO (R156001)   SignalTEK NT (R156003)
 SignalTEK CT (R156002)   SignalTEK CT (R156004)
 FiberTEK FDX MM LSR (33-990-FA02)   FiberTEK FDX MM LED (33-990-FA01)
 FiberTEK FDX MM LSR/SM (33-990-FA05)   FiberTEK FDX SM LSR (33-990-FA03) or FiberTEK FDX MM LED/SM (33-990-FA04)
 LanXPLORER (R150002)   LanXPLORER Pro (R150001)
 LanXPLORER Plus  (R150004)  LanXPLORER Pro (R150001)
 IENet Pro   VDV II
 SignalTEK   SignalTEK II FO 
 MultiPRO GbE  UniPRO MGig1
 MultiPRO SDH  Discontinued
 MultiPRO Copper  Discontinued
 UniPRO GbE  UniPRO MGig1
 Aurora Presto  MC2+
 Aurora Sonata  Discontinued
 Optical Multimeter  FiberMASTER
 Optical Power Meter  FiberMASTER
 Optical Light Source  FiberMASTER