Servicing and Care Plans

Sapphire Care Plan

Complete protection for your LanTEK® II/III cable certifier

The new Sapphire Care Plan for LanTEK® II/III cable certifiers is designed to help minimise down time, reduce the cost of ownership and protect against unforeseen repair bills.

Free Annual Calibration - Maintain Accuracy

Cable certifiers require calibration every 12 months to ensure measurements are accurate and they comply with the international technical standards, ISO IEC 61935-1 and TIA 1152. We will calibrate the certifier at no extra cost and perform any software and firmware updates that are required.

Free Repairs - Protect Against Unforeseen Bills

The certifier and all accessories are covered for standard repairs during the term of the Sapphire Care Plan.

Free Loan Unit During Repairs and Calibration - No Downtime

In the event your LanTEK II/III may need repair, a loan tester will be dispatched within one working
day of a fault being reported. For calibrations a loan unit is supplied to minimise downtime and keep you up and running. The loan unit is delivered prior to your LanTEK II/III being collected.

Free Shipping - Reduce Costs

When your LanTEK II/III requires repair or calibration we will arrange for onsite collection and return delivery, free of charge.

Free Replaceable Wear Parts - Reduce Cost of Ownership

Every year choose from one of the following options, free of charge.

  • 4 x Permanent Link Adapter Tips (Pair)
  • 4 x CAT6A Reference Patch Cord (Single)
  • 2 x CAT6A Channel Adapter (Single)
  • 2 x CAT6/5e Channel Adapter (Single)
  • 2 x LanTEK II/III Battery (Single)

Free Training and Technical Support

Our expert technicians will provide online training and technical support, free of charge. Please
contact us on + 44 (0)1925 444 446 and provide your Sapphire Care Plan certificate number.


Receive 10% discount on your Sapphire Care Plan if purchased within 60 days of your LanTEK III purchase. Please see the accessories tab for part numbers.

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  • LanTEK II/III certifiers older than 5 years
  • Defects arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage or negligence

Terms and Conditions

  • The first free accessories can be claimed anytime within the first twelve months of the Sapphire Care Plan commencing. Accessories cannot be carried over to the following twelve month period and it is the customer’s responsibility to claim the free accessories.
  • Customer must return the certifier(s) on loan within one week of receiving their certifier(s). Please contact customer services to arrange collection of the loan unit(s). If not, the customer will be billed for the full replacement cost of the loaned unit(s).
  • Customer must include all permanent link and channel adapters when sending a certifier for calibration.
  • Calibration loan units – To ensure a loan unit is available, the calibration must be scheduled 6 weeks in advance of the requested calibration date. The calibration must also occur within 4 weeks of the calibration due date. If the calibration is scheduled outside of this time period, there is no
    guarantee that a loan unit will be available.
  • The Sapphire Care Plan cannot be purchased for LanTEK II certifiers older than 5 years.
  • Free repairs are not included for defects arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage or negligence.
  • If a Sapphire Care Plan is purchased for a LanTEK II/III certifier unit that is older than 60 days, prior to coverage taking effect, a prior inspection of the unit will be required to ascertain that it is in good working order. If faults are found or calibration is required, an estimate for the repair or calibration cost will be provided to you for approval. Once authorisation and payment have been received, the LanTEK II/III will receive priority service and the Sapphire Care Plan will commence upon shipment to
    you. If the LanTEK II/III certifier unit is in working order, no charge will be incurred for the cost of inspection and the LanTEK II/III certifier unit will be returned and the Sapphire Care Plan will commence on the date the certifier is returned.

To purchase your Sapphire Care Plan please contact customer services or an authorised distributor. Click here to download our brochure with full details of terms and conditions.


To help keep peace of mind all testers come with a one year warranty.

For more detailed information on our warranty policy please view our Terms and Conditions.

If you need further advice on our warranty policy or have a general warranty enquiry, please contact customer services.

An additional 1 year warranty can be purchased on the following testers and must be purchased at the same time. The extended warranty does not cover accessories.

R153000W2 2 Year Warranty NaviTEK II
R151000W2 2Year Warranty NaviTEK II PLUS
R151002W2 2 Year Warranty NaviTEK II PRO
R156002W2 2Year Warranty SignalTEK CT
R156000W2 2 Year Warranty SignalTEK II
R156001W2 2Year Warranty SignalTEK II FO
R150001W2 2 Year Wty LanXPLORER PRO
R152001W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Solo
R152002W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Solo PLUS
R152003W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Solo PRO
R152008W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Duo
R152009W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Duo PLUS
R152010W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO MGig1 Duo PRO
R154000W2 2Yr Wty UniPRO SEL1

Cable certifiers require calibration every 12 months to ensure measurements undertaken are accurate and they comply with ISO IEC 61935-1 and TIA 1152. If your tester is due for a calibration please contact customer services to find your closest calibration centre.

Should you have any questions regarding the calibration process or about calibration in general please do not hesitate to contact us.



LanTEK III-1000MHz

Our dedicated service centres provide fault finding, repair and servicing of our testers.

The service teams are highly experienced allowing for efficient turnaround of equipment returned for service.

In order to return your equipment for service or repair please contact customer services.

If you have any questions regarding the service or repair process please do not hesitate to contact us.