LanTEK III Certifier Approved by Belden with Latest Software Updates


LanTEK III Certifier Approved by Belden with Latest Software Updates

The IDEAL Networks LanTEK III cable certifier has received a new, free software update, to help users certify copper and fibre cable easily. Notably, our latest software release, version 3.215, has been approved by Belden for testing its 2183 4K UHD Media Cabling.

Certify Belden Cabling

LanTEK III now includes special test limits for Belden cabling which supports 4K UHD video and provides three new test configurations:

  • Permanent Link test using Cat 6A Permanent Link adapters
  • Channel test with Cat 6A Channel adapters
  • Direct Attach test. This requires Cat 6A Permanent Link adapters with special female-female RJ45 couplers. Contact your local Belden representative for the necessary couplers.

To further support testing and certifying Belden cabling installations, the Belden 2183P (Plenum) 4K UHD Media Cable and Belden 2183R (Riser) 4K UHD Media Cable have also been added to the manufacturer database on the LanTEK III certifier.

Channel test updates

In response to customer feedback, the latest LanTEK III cable certifier update has removed the requirement for field calibration of patch cords for channel testing.

Channel tests measure the cord and connection between the patch cord and permanent link (not the connection between the test adapter and patch cord), and following the new software update, they can be performed with a mix of patch cords between tests.

This applies to Cat 5e, 6, 6A and Class D, E, EA, F and FA tests only. If field calibration is required for any specialty tests, LanTEK III will helpful prompt the user, advising that this is necessary.

User-friendly cable certifier

We have introduced a number of other updates to further enhance the user experience when testing with LanTEK III.

Alongside general language and bug fixes, it is now possible to test custom cables with only length measurement selected and cables from Leviton have also been added to the manufacturer database.

Download free software update

Download the new LanTEK III software now for free. Our detailed release note provides full details of the latest functions for testing Belden cable, and more, and guidance on how to easily install your free cable certifier software update.

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